Hail The Monsters

by Drunk with Pain

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released July 22, 2015

All music written by Juan Hernández from Drunk with Pain



all rights reserved


Drunk with Pain Czech Republic

Czech/Venezuelan metal band initiated at the beginning of 2015 by young metal guitarist Juan Hernández at the city of Brno in the Czech Republic. The frontman assembled a group of dedicated musicians to establish a band that would have a taste for melodic metal, heavy riffs and lots of passion. ... more

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Track Name: The Whispering Man
A man, that couldn’t see the light
Only whispers in the dark
Heard, only right before
It ends in blood

A town, haunted by the one
They tortured till he died
We, we did it in our way
Forgetting what they say
What they say…

Go, the further you run
The closer he’s to touch
Always, appearing in the night
In the valley of the lost

Counts, the bones in a sack
All victims in their dreams
One, by morning gone away
Forever put to sleep

Welcome to the forest where darkness takes the lives
Of sinners and the people who wander through the night
Trees in the mountains hiding something underground
A demon that is closer the further that you run

No chance to run away, the dead man is here
Your fate is to stay
No time to bring the light, the stronger the whispers
The faster you’ll die

Hear the whispers of the man
No matter where you go
Hear the whispers of the man
The melody of death
Track Name: Midnight Shadow
Carry the weight of sins and lies
I did it for pleasure I can't deny
And I can’t feel the pain, when I see your body on the floor, why?
Left underground, to forget that you are beautiful.

And even when I'm guilty for the loss
Your smile could only tear me apart
Consumed by fury in your eyes
The game is over but your shadow hunts me down

Vengeance has come from the darkness
A fade of the light to bury the night I said goodbye! Goodbye!
Drawn by the madness to forget you are beautiful

Even, when no one heard your cries
Tears woke up the evil inside
Even, when no one heard your lies
Tears woke up the evil inside
Track Name: Made By The Alchemist
Sorrow, blood, all the ones around me
I’ll do what it takes to bring you down
Hate me for who I am
The fake creature of the ground

Alone with my thoughts at the oldest graveyard
I feel the chills in my back
When statues break the silence

They cry for misery
They whisper all the mysteries
It’s time to burn it down
Can’t stop, I’m bleeding out

Right, when we were all created
God said it was time for punishment
Then we wccepted our denials
Bringing the end of light

Born in a cage, heard the screams of the silence
In pieces is my body
Waiting for a sign of existence
I’m made by the alchemist

Time to break it down
Track Name: Hail The Monsters
Right now
We are dying,
for the ones, who don’t care
In the dark
Fear takes over

Is this real?
Or am I dreaming?
Is it pain? Am I bleeding?
Run away
Beasts are coming
Buried in pain! Sorrow is growing

Kneel down, hail the monsters
They are coming inside
Kneel down, hail the darkness
It’s taking control

Look what you’ve become
When nightmares go wrong
Look what you’ve become
It’s time for rising

Saw me again
The madness crawling
They stood against, I made them suffer
Buried in lies
We’re buried in sorrow
Drunk with pain

And even, when the sky turns black
Forgetting the future, is no way back
Even, when the sky turns black
Look at the mirror, it’s the monster inside
Track Name: Drunk With The Agony
We lost all the glory
It was consumed in war
It all died with vengeance
It got lost in the blood

It remained in the stories
That in silence were told
By thoughts from the darkness
That shadows gave born

Right now, torture is waiting for us
Feel how madness is breaking our bones
And drunk with the agony, drown in the blood
We wait for the future, the doom we call home
Right now, torture is waiting for us
Waiting for us

When the blind see no future
At break of the dawn
Drink the tears that I’m bleeding
The last breath of the dark

It remained in the stories
That in silence were told
By thoughts from the darkness
That shadows gave born

Babe, I’ll be your demise
You lost your pride
When you stole my heart
Track Name: Stand Up Or Die!
Another night where needles can’t be enough
I’ll knock you down, it won’t be taking too long
Another fight where motherfuckers can’t get along
Try again I said try again I’ll knock you down!

Once again we are waiting for punishment
We close our eyes to break it down
When hearts fall down we all feel the madness
Try again I said try again you’ll knock me down!

Stab my back
I wanna feel the pleasure
Stab my back
Don’t let me down!

We unite to hate
And we hate to die
We are hungry for vengeance
Let’s take the ride

Give me a moment to
Show you the darkest path
Running away is not a way escape
To take all their lives, to kill everyone

Blurry thoughts inside
Every time we fall
Time to unite
Time to stand up or die!
Track Name: Buried Mind
Spectrum, preserve our lost minds
Patience, till words keep the silence

Low in anxiety
Lost in my mind
Against our desires
Hungry for blood

Could dreams bring back the past
Even in my last day, my will will never die
When I feel trapped in silence
Shadows kept me standing

Why deny the fate that they gave you?
Can’t you, see the signs from the night?

Time has come, war is waiting
The end of the world, we all say goodbye
We all say goodbye

It’s the time for rising
An age of dark souls
Its shining darkness
No way to go
Track Name: Rise Of The Dark Son
One day, a boy was abandoned at birth
Adopted by darkness, where evil is the path he would take
The devil as father, told him the change he would make
Where only in fire, the struggle is driven away

Silent night, is now falling upon us
Awake of all monsters, sleeping around us
The little boy, escaped to the forest
Betraying his father, waiting the morning
To fight

Brave boy, chosen one
Pure mind, heart of fire
Brave boy
Wiser than time
He follows the stars
Far away

(Fight) all the night
Now the victory is ours
(Fight) till the end
To forget he’s grown to be a murder

Even when
He struggles in sorrow
Track Name: Keep Me Alive Ft. Viktorie Surmova
Standing above her body
Praying to light my path
Can’t stand another second,
Cut me and wave goodbye
As the night, burns upon the fire
I feel her stares

Dying below his body
Praying to obscure my path
Can’t stand another second,
That you keep me alive
As the day, fades beyond the darkness
I feel your pain

Now gods took you over
On their throne, by their side
No place meant for mortals
Easy, easy, from the start
In your grave, I'll live between the razors
of eternal pain

Now gods took me over
On their throne, by their side
No place meant for mortals
Easy, easy, from the start
One day.... on day you’ll hear my name

You will never understand
You only see me in your head
Yet I belong so far away

Blind, by the faith in your eyes
You hate me for paying the price
Now you are alone and left behind

I feel you in the wind, when there’s blood in my hands
That’s the only way our demons crawl deep back to hell